Finally grounded, unwinded, and home. Australia is modestly the greatest adventure I’ve ever known. I’ve met heaps of beautiful influential people and grown wiser and more ambitious. I’m looking at all my new things I’ve carried home with me and feel so unfailingly lucky at how grand my adventure turned out to be. You can see it all from the beginning here.  No worries though, I’ll already be planning my next adventure..

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher


Yesterday, we voyaged out to Katoomba where the stunning Blue Mountains rested. They lay in a mist of blue Eucalyptus, which by the Aboriginals were considered blessed and naturally, beautiful. We hiked all through the mountains, the Leura Cascades, and swam in lushes waterfalls. The day was absolutely perfect.



blue5The wildlife and tempered spring-water forest felt as though walking through Avatar. Every corner led to a majestic sight. Pools of red clay formed in the underbelly of the mountains and extravagant birds roamed peacefully in the bush.



We wanted to end our hike with the majestic “Three Sisters” and at this point it had started to rain. Yet with our unfailing luck, it only lasted a couple of minutes and mother nature did us good with a grand finale of a rainbow soaring just above them!


by1The past week has been nothing but proper vacation. I already love Byron so dearly and understand that backpackers stay here months on end. Who wouldn’t want to live in the land of vacation?by5 by4

Being in such inspirational surroundings, I’ve spent most of my evenings making things, taking Aboriginal drum lessons, going on bush walks, and attending the many Art Factory events and workshops.  by3Byron Bay also has the most diverse wildlife, with water dragons as common as pigeons! Plenty of friendly cockatoos will come join you for lunch; they make for great conversation! :)by2



Byron Bay, I love you.

I was met with intense lust and admiration as I first laid eyes on Byron. After a month in the city, something unhinged and fell back to the way it used to be. Byron bay is a gorgeously relaxed bohemian town located somewhere on my route down to Sydney. I’m currently staying at the famous Arts Factory hostel, which I can’t tell you much about yet. I like what I see so far. I was met up with my beautiful Eva, and together we’re exploring what Byron has to offer. Did someone say Surf School tomorrow?


How lucky am I to call all each and every circled places on this map somewhere that I have explored, worked hard, perhaps rested my head for only one night, laughed, worried, gotten wasted, and stumbled across in these past 6 months, and what a journey it is. I still have a couple circles to fill in before heading home but it’s remarkable to see all my travels right here infront of me, not to mention how differently I feel about a lot of things.

Have I found myself? I think so. At least half of the fuss, I’d like to think.

In one week this little voyager commences forth to Byron Bay! Yay! I’m sad to leave Brisbane as I always seem to attach myself to places too quickly. I have deduced that cities are too city for me and looking solemnly forward to da beach.

My first set “Equorum” is based on practising texture, shading, and my first attempt at charcoal. In the beginning, I was afraid to really apply myself with black in risk of over-shading but I am really satisfied with the results. I photographed the pieces, vectorised them on photoshop, and found myself  really inspired to create more; I have a few sets in mind coming shortly. I’m really excited to start uploading my pieces and see my art develop and grow.

All critique and opinions are well appreciated!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Back to the city.

It was strange being back in the city again after months of beaches and rain forest. A fraction of me felt lost amongst the concrete and vacant expressions, almost as if I’ve been living another (and perhaps more meaningful) life out of the city. Although it was strange acclimating to fashion, makeup, and status again, the convenience of shops and not to mention proper internet connection was profoundly missed.

I hadn’t heard much about Brisbane prior to arrival so my expectations were highly exceeded to find such a stunner of a city kept hushed by backpackers. Compared to the other urban areas along the coast, Brisbane felt as a genuine Australian city.

I happily found work after a couple days at Down Under Bar located in the city centre and slowly but surely making some friends. (Unfortunately a few have come and gone so fast already. Missing my Emma and Dhaara especially)

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I may or may not have happened across the most spectacular of Art shops and purchased a few more dainty things.. Prepare your visual organs; loads of artwork is coming your way next week.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



This my friends, is Roo. Roo amongst 25 other Roo’s had the honor of spending an hour with me and my two Swiss beauties in the zoo of all zoo’s. Australia zoo. (Also known as Seve Irwin’s zoo)

We arrived right on opening and had practically the entire zoo to ourselves! Yes, if you’re wondering, I cuddled with some adorable Koalas as well. The exhibits were mostly walk-throughs where the animals roamed freely and treated so well. Good on you Steve Irwin for creating such a beautiful place for us to experience! I was lucky enough to get heaps of stunning footage on my GoPro which I’m so excited for you to see later on! Next destination: Brisbane.



Throughout my Australia experience, fraser island was for the most part what everybody believed to be the absolute best adventure on the east coast. You could say I had very high expectations! We arrived to Rainbow Beach, which is the closest point connecting Fraser to the mainland, and bunkered up amongst 200 other like-minded souls eagerly awaiting..

Let me just ruin the suspense by mentioning that Fraser absolutely positively lived up my expectations.


This was our home base where we camped out for the next three days. Lots of campfires, drinking, and other nightly commotion happened here! Most of our adventuring was done by a 4-wheel drive, the beach being our highway! This was such a fantastic experience. Not to mention, after a mere 20 minutes on the island we happen upon our first dingo! (Below is sneak peak of my GoPro footage which will slowly but surely be edited into a film.)


Our first destination was Lake Mackenzie, a beautiful fresh water lake.




A ship wreckage happened on the island after a cyclone in 1935. To be honest I expected a good story behind this lonesome fella when really nobody wanted it nor could be arsed to move now we take photos with it. Looks cool though.


Indian point was a stunning lookout on to the island.




Hangover Creek and the champagne pools were also gorgeous. The creek had an easy current which you could float down through a jungle of tropics; the name fit quite accurately.



The people, places, experiences, and not to mention animals made Fraser such an experience! We managed to encounter 5 dingoes, a sea cow, lizards, snakes, and heaps of spiders. To top it off we had sunny clear skies the entire trip.


The photo you see above is the most beautiful sight my eyes have seen.

White Haven truly is a haven. 6 hours previous to this sighting, we departed from Abel Point in an ocean raft that took us quickly (and not to mention so fun!) across the sea. The weather could not have been more perfect and after 20 minutes or so we spot a pack of dolphins! Not even 10 minutes after this we spot another breed of dolphin, just flipping around. Looking back, I wish I would’ve gotten these moments on camera but I wanted to experience them solely and not through a lens.

White Haven’s sand is made upp entirely of Silica sand; a sand so white and fine that squeaked when we walked. The contrast to the ocean’s deep aquatic blues and the white sand made for a view that could easily have been a desktop background on a computer.



Throughout the day, we had two snorkels. One was located mainly to see fish and the other, Coral. The first snorkel was probably the most fantastic moment of my Australien journey so far. The fish were completely unafraid, so beautiful in an entire spectrum of colours. Hundreds upon hundreds frolicking about under the surface so closely. Just as I am coming up to the surface I hear “turtle!” so I duck down and see the most beautiful (and massive) sea turtle swimming below me. For 10 minutes or so, I was actually swimming with a sea turtle! (The photo below is thanks to a friend.)

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

The second snorkel was absolutely stunning and I got to see lots of Nemos’, doris’, puffer fish, clams and aquatic life so peacefully and naturally. The coral were 1000s of years old, completely preserved,
and only a meter below us to explore. White Haven’s look out point was our final destination with a 20 minute bush walk up the mountain (first photo). We rafted back to the mainland and were lucky enough to finish off the day with yet another pack of dolphins!



o8After being in Airlie over a month we finally stepped onboard into the Whitsunday waters. The 5 of us sailed with Captain Coco, a friend of a friend who hospitably offered us what turned out to be quite an adventure.



I’d never been before on such a small boat and the waves reminded us every motion of it. Both days were quite stormy and for a bit I felt as if I was holding on to my life. Lets just say it was one hell of a roller coaster.



o4The island we camped the night at was gorgeous and completely secluded. What a thrill it was to be the only human inhabiting an island for 2 days. We brought with us our needed sustenance and BBQd on the beach.




So I had a fantastic birthday in Airlie Beach. My expectations weren’t more than out of the ordinary as I suppose I wasn’t making the biggest deal about it. I accidentally slept in, Emelie woke me, and I had missed my first shift at Magnums. Bitterly and tiredly I got up and she hollered a quick “Happy Birthday!” as I was out the door. Coming back to the bungalow I was surprised to find that Emelie had decorated the ENTIRE bungalow with balloons, streamers, and other colourful birthday things! Her and Andi had made breakfast which was waiting for me on the table along with cake. sna3

Just before lunch, the girls at the reception told me they had a present waiting for me and it turns out my boyfriend Emir had sent me flowers and a bear all the way from Sweden. :’)

I got other most appreciated gifts from my Aussie friends and had probably the best night out in Airlie! Unfortunately no photos were taken. Thank you to everybody for making my day legit perfection! sna5

jul2Although it saddened me not to be home for christmas, the only logical thing seemed to be on the beach! We all met up at the BBQ pits and got pretty drunk in the sun whilst listening to “Let it snow”, playing games, messing about, and giving presents.




jul8Got to see my beauties Pauline and Charlotte once more! (And soon again, I hope.)

jul10In lack of snow, one builds a sandman.





Merry Christmas everyone!


ai4ai3I took the liberty of taking some photos of beautiful Airlie where I am now living. Just about everything is located on one main street called Shute Harbour Road which follows alongside the beaches and boat ports connecting us to the Whitsunday Islands. So far, we’ve been exploring the town, working at Beaches Bar, and saving up some money for the Whitsunday Tours where we’ll be taken to White Haven Beach amongst other exquisite places on our Aussie bucket list.ai1Being in such a tropical environment, we’ve been able to see and be scared to shits by heaps of animals and insects. All of it though is a cool experience and it puts the term “fear” into perspective for you. Above you will se Kermit the lazy frog.
ai2I’m excited to be spending Christmas here with all of my new found friends/coworkers and fellow Airlie backpackers. Lots to be continued..