If we want equality.

starhandsIf we want equality within gender we need to stop assigning specific mannerisms and erase limitations of stereotyping. How is it not so goddamn clear yet that we are all individuals in our own right and that isn’t based upon what we have in-between our legs?

It frustrates me that when a woman is strong and determined she is seen as bossy whereas a man showing emotion, a pussy. Each sex has BOTH masculinity and femininity. We need to obliterate the term “feminism” because not many actually know what it means anymore and are pushing it to a point where there is no equality.

Why is it such an insult for a man to be called a woman? We need to stop oppressing those who don’t fit a criteria that is outdated! We need to redefine the source of this issue because you already know all of this, and I’m not the first to write about it! Let’s crack open these narrow-minded neanderthals and welcome them to the 21st century.

  • Anonymous

    The way you write is inspiring and authentic. Love your blog so much. xx

    • Louise

      wow thank you so much! x

  • Rrezarta

    Thanks Louise for this post! Well written as always :)

    However I dont agree with you on that we should obliterate the term feminism. It doesn’t mean that feminists only work for womens rights, but rather the term includes an analysis of what the effects are of the gender inequality that we have in our society. I’m convinced that the traits that are promoted in our society are those considered male: productivity, rationality etc. These are the traits that are considered essential to get e.g. a job. Many men would be happy to not need to live up to the male standards that they are expected to live up to, just like many women don’t feel comfortable to always be the one to be “lead” by men in their relationships and working places, and it’s clear that both men and women have a lot to win from a more equal society. But the analysis that lies in the term “feminism” is that being associated with masculine traits promotes a persons chances of being able to be independent and hence more free, whereas femininity obstructs such a development for most people in our society.

    As you say it’s really silly that men e.g. can get really offended by being called a woman. This is also closely related to problems some men have with the word feminism: it seems to put women in focus (for once) and by calling themselves feminists they are also associating themselves with something that hurts their possibility to grow unchallengedly in our society. If they can’t get over that this is the word used for the movement that is demanding equality between genders, then they aren’t really ready to let go of being associated with only male traits and hence losing their male privileges. So I think that by changing the name we would not actually be solving anything, only make the movement less powerful and more diluted by trying to be more populistic and less provocative.

    • Louise

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Rrezarta! I agree with you that the initial concept of feminism is ideal and what you said actually changes my opinion a little. It is true that if men are biased of the word feminism alone then we have an even bigger problem. I guess Im just sick of hearing all of these non-relevant extremist claims on feminism stereotyping those to believe in it and having this belief that it stands for something that it doesn’t. Perhaps changing the name won’t actually help anything when the actual problem is the shyness to adopt anything “feminine”.