Summer life hacks.


Hello July.

It is now mid-summer and only 2.5 months until my departure to Australia! A midst the sun, fun, and malibou vodka I wanted to share with you some of my own so called life hacks that might bring you some ideas.

  • Freeze any of your alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks in popsicle molds for those warm days.
  • Pour coffee into an ice tray, so you make coffee-flavored cubes that don’t water down your iced coffee.
  • Mix Aloe Vera with water and freeze it to ice your body after a day in the sun.
  • Honey and olive oil make a cheap face mask.
  • You can use a piece of dry spaghetti to light candles.
  • Bleach your hair whilst tanning with lemon juice.
  • Avoid blisters from shoes by putting deodorant on your feet.
  • Easily make your own portable grill like so..

Have any other hacks? Share them!

  • Alice

    Those popsicles look like a dream! I am definitely going to have to whip up some ”cocktail popsicles” before a night out on the town, especially with this Texas heat!! Thanks for sharing!


  • The Fashion Fraction

    omg. those gelatos look so so so so so delicious