How to Lucid dream.

luciddreamJust last night I played around in the depths of my consciousness, walking on water, talking to animals, and eating a kitchen full of chocolate..well because I wanted to! For a moment I was heading into a nightmare, so I just let myself wake up.

Lucid dreaming is this insanely cool concept where your body is asleep yet you are still conscious enough to have complete control over your dreams! There are absolutely no limitations to what you can create and something anyone can do with some practice.

Lucid dreaming is something I have done almost my entire life without even knowing it was an actual thing. Only recently has it become a massive trend with forums where you can connect with other lucid dreamers and share your dreams. There are hundreds of different guides out there to help you begin, but this is what works best for me!

bunStep One: Write down your dreams.

The first key is to first remember your dreams, and the best way to do this is by writing them down, as soon as you wake up. Falling asleep at the same time every night usually speeds things up a bit as well. It could be useful to keep a dream journal and write down everything you can remember, even if its just some parts.

Step Two: Know when you’re dreaming.

Once you remember your dreams, the next step is to recognise you’re in one!

For those of you who have seen the movie Inception, you know that Leo DiCaprio carries around a dradle with him and spins it to check if he’s dreaming. If it continues spinning without end, he isn’t in the “real world”. The same thing applies here! Try to notice in your dream for things that couldn’t possibly happen in real life, such as defying the laws of physics etc. Is it logical?

After a while you begin to realise, oh right, that person can’t logically be with me right now or hm, maybe zombies don’t exist. Many times thinking logically has saved me in a nightmare! All it takes is questioning, if what around you appears to be real.

Try drawing a star on your hand before bed and during your dream check if its still there. If it isn’t you’re dreaming!

The rest is limitless.squi

All of this might sound a bit abstract but once you get the hang of it, it really is the coolest thing ever! First time I found myself in a lucid dream, I got so excited that I woke up. This will probably happen the first few times but with some practice you will be able to move around freely, change your surroundings, make people appear/disappear.

Why Lucid Dream?

  • You can practice social engagements (such as talking infront of large groups, confront a friend, meet famous people, say things you wouldn’t to people in real life)
  • You can fly, climb mountains, walk on water, run on rooftops etc.
  • You can experience things (such as eating whatever you like, having sex as much as you want, fight with someone you don’t like etc)
  • You can create your own world!

If this hasn’t convinced you, just google lucid dreaming and you’ll be persuaded. If you want more of my help, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • Arvin

    Thats some real mindblowing stuff!

    • Louise

      It really is!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this tutorial! I have tried this a couple of times but it has never worked for me. I will give your method a go, though. Lucid dreaming seems to be fantastic.

    • Louise

      Absolutely! If my guide doesn’t help you there are plenty more out there on the web. :)

  • Anna Craig

    I’ve always wanted to do this!

    • Louise

      Never top late! Theyre not going anywhere:)